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Property Management Services

The PEC Property Sisters offer Property Management Services with no annual contract.  Our Team offers top notch Property Management services delivered with professionalism and integrity.  If you're in need of any of the services listed below, contact us today!   We look forward to hearing from you. 

Vacation Rent​al Services

Would you like to make some money from your home while it's not in use? The Property Sisters will set up your vacation rental site (ie. Airbnb) with expert guidance on how to make it most appealing, and then take care of everything from cleaning, restocking household goods, checking in guests, and managing bookings.

Property Maintenance

Need a little help with your property maintenance? Call Property Sisters! Burnt out light bulbs, gutters full of leaves, shed door falling off...we're happy to take on these pesky jobs!

Property Watch

Our Property Watch services give you peace of mind while you're away for a short or extended periods of time. The Property Sisters will ensure your home is safe and secure with bi-weekly or monthly visits, depending on your insurance requirements.

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