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Top 5 Supplies to Stock Up on For Your Airbnb Guests

July 2019

It's June! The time of year when visitors begin to come back to explore our beautiful County and all it has to offer.

As an Airbnb host, you're ready. You've got your bookings all set, your home sparkling clean, and your door open to welcome your guests.

Are you stocked up on your supplies? After several seasons managing Airbnb properties, here are the Property Sisters' Top 5 items we recommend for you to stock up on!

1. Toilet paper & paper towel

You can never have enough of these. Buy your toilet paper and paper towels in bulk for cost savings. Also, if you're on a septic system, make sure you provide toilet paper that's septic-safe.

2. Dishwasher soap

Not pods, they are not good for septics.

3. Dish towels and dish cloths

Dark colours preferably because all guests want to make spaghetti and wipe it clean with your towels.

4. Hand soap for every sink

Some of your guests may bring their own shampoo, conditioner, and shower gel, but none of them will bring hand soap.

5. Large and small garbage bags

"A place for everything and everything in its place." Having enough garbage bags ensures your guests' trash goes where its should and keeps your place nice and tidy.


A small gift for your guest! Guests love that you take the time to appreciate them :)

Need help stocking up your supplies? The Property Sisters can help! Contact us today.

Garden & Yard Spruce Up Tips

May 2019

The sun is shining, birds are singing and it's time for your garden to come back from the winter weather. Your garden needs some help getting back in shape, and the Property Sisters are here to help.

Here are some tips for your getting your spring garden green and beautiful by the time the season reaches its peak:

1. Clean out the garden.

It's time to clean your garden and remove all the debris (leaves, leftover snow, etc.) Get rid of weeds, making sure that you get the roots so they won't grow back.

2. Revitalize the soil.

Because your soil is likely dried out and packed after winter, it's time to add moisture. Add organic material like compost or manure.

3. Trim old plants.

Plants that survived the winter will need to be pruned so they'll grow anew in the spring. Make sure to wait until mid-April or May in case there's an unexpected freeze.

4. Add mulch.

In addition to fertilizers and organic materials, you should think about adding mulch to your flower beds and garden. One to three inches of mulch helps to prevent weeds and diseases. It also keeps the moisture in the garden and maintains the temperature.

Need help with your garden spring cleaning?  Contact Property Sisters today! 

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